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Thanks to the high qualification and the more than 30 years of experience in the field of logistics safety, every FERROTEC requires a high degree of quality, flexibility and reliability.

And the trust into the company by its clients is very well appreciated by FERROTEC and repaid with great commitment.

The company's productivity is underpinned by the broad range of product lines and their product subgroups.


For the fifth time Ferrotec supported the International Youth Footbal Cup on 28.05. - 29.05.2022in Bad Oldesloe with the FERROTEC FAIR PLAY AWARD.

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Where seals are used?

Truckseal in use

Seals are used in applications where must be ensured that no one makes unauthorized tampering with the cargo, or settings can be manipulated to specially protected objects. In the area of the cargo, container seals include protection for truck, rail or sea transport, for example, Bolt seals or in the form of cable seals. For each application, and all types of transport containers, there are very specific security labels, valuable or dangerous goods effectively protect against unauthorized access. In addition, one-way mark are for emergency cases or in fire extinguishers to ensure that of these only for emergency use is made and the maintenance personnel can see at a glance when fire extinguishers or emergency kits were used and the content must be re-examined. Other important locations are electricity, water or gas meters. This prevents the seal that the counter can be manipulated. And these are just a few of the possible locations of Indicative, Security or High Security Seals.


Cash Bag seal in useVarious seals

We offer a number of Indicative, Security and High Security Seals. The product line of FERROTEC is huge and extends to computer seals, reusable locks for cargo protection and all types of sealing equipment. Even simple packages can be sealed effectively by the way: This is done with a special security tape that leaves when removing a pattern on the package. So you can later verify whether the package has already been opened and whether it is the original security tape.



Ferrolock seal in use Seals for international transports

International law requires that overseas freight containers must be sealed to keep them during the transportation chain is protected from unauthorized access. To meet the stringent safety regulations, High Security Seals must be used in accordance with ISO 17712:2013 certified and are extremely difficult to manipulate. High Security Seals can only be opened with heavy equipment. Moreover, each of our certified Ferrolock seal is provided with a code. Every number code only once, so that an unauthorized open containers are sealed not go unnoticed with a new seal. Finally, the use of any high security seal to be seated by documented and possibly demands by police or customs authority to be registered to understand. But no matter what application you High Security Seals to secure cargo - we have the best seals for any purpose. Request our expertise! We will advise you by phone at extension  + 49 (0) 4533 / 20870 0.