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Ferrotec Fair Play Award

The Ferrotec Fair Play Award

For the fifth time this year, the FERROTEC FAIR PLAY AWARD was awarded at the International Football Cup 2022 in Bad Oldesloe.

No matter whether it’s sport, profession or in everyday life: fair play forms the basis for cooperative and successful togetherness – namely irrespective of age and nationality. Youth sports offer outstanding opportunities to learn and practise dealing fairly with others – especially in contest situations involving outplaying the opponent.

An international football tournament has been chosen precisely because fair play is also a multinational issue: 28 teams, including up-and-coming players from well-known German clubs and teams from various EU states, will compete against each other at the International Youth Football Cup. This is a great opportunity for the young players to gain experience in playing against international up-and-coming players. The FERROTEC FAIR PLAY AWARD was awarded to the team that best applies the rules of fair and respectful togetherness.

The 2022 trophy for the best fair play behavior went to the team of Hansa Rostock.

The mechanics

In the run-up, all referees at the International Football Cup will be given information and have their awareness raised with regard to fair play during a course of instruction given by Torben Burmeister, referee representative at VfL Oldesloe. The criteria will be evaluated after the first day of the tournament. The second day of the contest will also be incorporated in the evaluation. The jury will make a decision regarding the award at the end of the cup.

The FAIR PLAY rules

  1. No ball will be shot away. After the game the players shall demonstrate respect for the other team by shaking hands.
  2. The trainers and teams shall be respectful when dealing with the referees and the opposing teams. The same shall apply to the behaviour of the spectators of all teams. 
  3. The behaviour of players and trainers on the playing field shall be free from fouls and unfair conduct. The same shall also apply off the playing field (no disrespectful slogans against other teams). 
  4. The parents of the team players shall be sportsmanlike and fair and shall not sneer at the referees or the other teams. 

The Jury

The FERROTEC FAIR PLAY AWARD jury is a body consisting of the referees, the referee representative, tournament management and the sponsor, Guido Jasmund, CEO Ferrotec GmbH, who will present the prize in the course of the award ceremony.

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