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RSS - Removeable Security Sticker

RSS® – The Removable Security Sticker was developed to eliminate sources of error in the transmission of seal numbers and to save time in the required documentation for high-security seals: The applied below the embossed seal number, tear-resistant, weather and solvent-resistant stickers with identical numbering and additional barcode can be quickly through removing it and stick it into the documentation. Electronic processing is also possible.

RSS Anwendung

1. Use the Ferrolock® proceed as normal. Secure the export containers on the second handle to the right or on Secura Cam Keeper.

 2. Remove the Removable Security Sticker. Just use the practical remover to lightning-fast remove our provided with the same seal numbered stickers!

3. Glue the RSS® in your Documentation. Glue the sticker into your prepared seal documentation. Electronic processing is possible at any time through the additionally printed barcode.

The Ferrolock® with RSS and provides additional safety
• Documentary evidence for gluing
• Error sources in transmitting or reading are excluded
• Stickers are tear-resistant, weather-resistant and solvent resistant
• Electronic processing of seal numbers by barcode possible

For questions about the protection of your container we will be happy to advise and assist you!
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