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High quality seals for each request

In our assortment you will find high quality seals for every requirement – from easy-to-use indicative seals to security, and even high security seals that meet the highest security standards. Our seals convince by high quality and reliability, and can be selected as needed depending on performance requirements.

High Security Seals


High Security Seals

High Security Seals are used if goods are to be safeguarded as well as sealed. They differ from normal seals in that they cannot be removed by hand or by using a simple tool; in this case high-quality bolt cutters or steel cable cutters are in demand. We offer High Security Seals in various designs – certified and reliable.

Security Seals​


Security Seals

Security Seals come up most notably for varied use in transportation. They safeguard goods, protect against access by unauthorized persons and contribute to the goods reaching their destination unopened and unscathed. The Security Seals can only be removed using tools – and the seal indicates quickly whether anybody gained access to the containers.

Indicative Seals​


Indicative Seals

Indicative Seals are easy to attach and can also be removed simply by hand or simple cutting tool. They have the property of all seals: they can only be removed by destroying them. This makes it possible to identify accesses or withdrawals quickly and is especially suitable for applications that require regular and rapid deployment.

Cargo Protection​


Cargo Protection

Our reusable locks offer a high degree of security and protect your transported goods against unauthorized foreign access. Not always your truck trailers or containers can be monitored constantly, espacially if your goods are temporarily stored. The Ferrotec multi-point locks reliably withstand any weather conditions and provide a high level of safety.

Cargo Security​


Cargo Security

During a transport, it is often not enough just to seal the container or truck. Even inside the container or truck your cargo should be reliably protected against slipping, tipping or falling apart. For this reason, Ferrotec also offers load securing products such as lashing straps, air bags, corner protection angles or anchor points for refrigerated containers.

Special Equipment​


Special Equipment

Our accessories for sealing range from special sealing pliers, seal wires and steel cables to punch pliers and cable ties. Bolt cutters and steel cable cutters for quick and easy loosening of fixed connections are also part of our sealing equipment, which – like our seals – is convincing by high quality and functionality.

Seals: Protection against theft and manipulation

Our seals are a reliable protection from theft and manipulation and contribute to an optimized transport process at. Make sure that your goods on transport routes are reliably protected against access by a stranger and your cargo arrives at its destination intact. Also, to prevent tampering with meters or to ensure on emergency kits or fire extinguishers whose integrity and functionality, our seals are the right choice. Indicative Seals, Security Seals and High Security Seals you find in our shop in a diverse selection to suit individual requirements of security and control statement. In addition to classic lead seals, we also carry a wide range of plastic seals – the eco-friendly alternative solution with an attractive price-performance ratio. These can also be individually marked and transform themselves to distinctive seals that protect against tampering.

Seals for every need: security and protection

Find with us the appropriate seals for every application, for export containers, trailers, wagons and trucks to seals for water, gas and electricity meters, computers, emergency kits and fire extinguishers as well as various transport container. If you have any questions about the various applications of our seals, please call us at +49 (0) 45 33 – 208 70 0!