Always secured with Cash Bag RL300+

Seals with the highest security standards for

Cash Bag RL300+ seals are distinguished not only by their optimized technology for the special purpose of application, but also have extraordinary advantages in practical use for the involved company itself:

Sturdy and hard-wearing pull-through seal - tested during hard everyday logistics
The Cash Bag RL300+ of polypropylene has a flat seal band and is serrated on one side
Individual colouring and own logo as well as 1D/2D coding according to customer preference
Marking is possible on both sides of a substantial identification area for maximum security
Outstanding cost- efficiency by means of customer-oriented pricing
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Classification : 
Indicative Seal according ISO 17712:2013

Properties and condition: Seal band flat and serrated on one side

Locking type: PPuL [Plastic Pull Locking]

Sealing: without tool

Unsealing: with high-quality side cutter

Suitable for: openings from a diameter of approx. 8 mm

Indicator for manipulation: upper material

Legibility in artificial light: excellent

Anti-slip: roll-off protection for sealing polyethylene and jute bags

Seal tag:
Lenght:67 mm
Width: 50 mm
Marking space: 50 mm x 67 mm
Seal tie:
Lenght: 300 mm
Width: 7,2 mm
Height: 2,7 mm
Tension Strengh: < 2,27 kN
Plastic made of PP [polypropylene]

Laser marking: consecutive numbering, name, logo, 1D/2D codes

Hot foil marking: consecutive numbering, name, logo

Product colours: 
Print colours: