Always secured with Padlock 30.19

Seals with the highest security standards for

Padlock Seals are distinguished not only by their optimized technology for the special purpose of application, but also have extraordinary advantages in practical use for the involved company itself:

Sturdy and hard-wearing padlock seal - tested during hard everyday logistics
Particularly convenient padlock application, can be closed without difficulty using one hand
Individual colouring and own logo as well as 1D/2D coding according to customer preference
The padlock is eminently suited for detection due to a metal clamping bracket
Outstanding cost- efficiency by means of customer-oriented pricing
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Classification : 
Indicative Seal according ISO 17712:2013

Locking type: SPL [Steel Pad Locking]

Sealing: without tool

Unsealing: with high-quality side cutter

Suitable for: openings from a diameter of approx. 2 mm

Indicator for manipulation: upper material

Width: 23,5 mm
Lenght: 78 mm
Marking space ca.: 19 mm x 35 mm
Tension strengh: < 2,27 kN

Body: PP [polypropylene]

Locking pad: galvanized steel S2235JR


Laser marking: consecutive numbering, name, logo, 1D/2D codes

Hot foil marking: consecutive numbering, name, logo

Product colours: 
Print colours: